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Wellness tourism - a trend with healthy potential!

Research suggests that 50% of people in the UK understand the need to do more to look after their health and wellbeing - and a growing number are actively seeking ways to bring wellness into their holiday and travel plans. With its beautiful scenery and wealth of activities, Scotland is the perfect location to switch off and enjoy a well-deserved break - making it a go-to destination for travellers from around the globe.

A key theme of wellness is ‘escape’ - and whether that’s through a yoga retreat, spa break, nutritional and delicious dining experiences, taking in local events or simply getting out in the fresh air, there’s a huge variety on offer.

For businesses keen to learn more about the concept of wellness, this series of Tune into Tourism delivers invaluable insights into Scotland's broad wellness offer.

Hearing from and speaking to industry experts and providers, you’ll discover:

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Join us for the latest series of 'Tune Into Tourism'. This series of informative and interactive webinars focuses on ‘Wellness’, with a range of guests including industry and subject experts.

30 October: What Is Wellness?

Wellness is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Gain an overview of the topic and what opportunities this could provide your business.

Watch the full webinar | Watch the webinar highlights

6 November: Recharge. Restore. Renew.

Spas and retreats have developed rapidly in recent years, learn how the market has developed and how you could get involved.

Watch the full webinar | Watch the webinar highlights

13 November: Outdoors and Nature

Long recognised as contributing to a healthy body and mind - how could your business utilise the great outdoors?

Watch the full webinar | Watch the webinar highlights

20 November: Sustainability

Focus on the wellness of the planet, why it’s important and how your business can become more Eco-friendly.

27 November: Accessible Tourism

Accessibility is a fast growing area involving both physical and mental wellness. Understand how simple changes can open your business up to new, high spending markets.

4 December: Events and Festivals

More fitness 'challenge' events are making their way to Scotland, it is also commonplace to find wellness themes throughout our festivals! Is this an area you could get involved with?

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